Pulse - Issue 7

Pulse Issue 7 - 12 August 2014

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Welcome to Issue 7 of Pulse, a quarterly publication by Lander & Rogers’ Health Law & Litigation team with information on topical issues and developments in Australian medical and health liability.  In this issue of Pulse, we discuss:

  • the vexed issue of consent when it comes to a conflict between the interests of children and their parents;
  • the implications of experimental medical treatments when assessing a medical practitioner's duty of care;
  • overcoming potential barriers to court approved settlements;
  • what potential impact the proposed Medicare co-payment scheme may have on hospitals and GPs;
  • a recent coronial finding concerning the level of supervision required for a voluntary psychiatric patient; and
  • recent court decisions of note.

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Our Health Law & Litigation team

Our team has an in-depth understanding of the health industry and we have significant experience acting on behalf of hospitals, aged care facilities, doctors and other health care professionals.

We are involved in litigated and non-litigated claims, complaints to professional boards and the Health Services Commissioner, Coronial inquests, and are adept at managing complex claims. 

We understand that medical indemnity portfolios are highly specialised and require careful management. We know that protecting client reputations in often media sensitive cases and managing claims effectively are key challenges in this area, which we manage carefully and confidently.

We value the strong relationships that we have in place with, and have received compelling endorsements from, our clients and plaintiff lawyers for the speed, commerciality, integrity and intelligent way in which we manage files.  

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