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Sports Law eBulletin - 30 July 2015


The Victorian Government recently announced a $100m "Community Sports Infrastructure Fund" to upgrade sport and recreation facilities across the State.

The fund will be distributed in the form of grants to applicants who seek funding to aid their community sporting infrastructure projects. The fund includes $10m dedicated to building or upgrading facilities and change rooms in women's sport, and a further $23m towards community sporting facility projects.

Clubs can apply for grants of up to $100,000 from the Victorian Government to help fund an upgrade to their local facilities. Applications are now open. For more information or to apply online, visit


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Community Sports Infrastructure Fund

The Victorian Government has recently announced that it is making a $100m "Community Sports Infrastructure Fund" available to help sporting clubs and associations across Victoria upgrade their community sporting facilities.

$10m of the fund will be distributed in grants of up to $100,000 to sporting clubs or local authorities to upgrade female sporting facilities.

The fund may also be used to fund upgrades of cricketing facilities, aquatic centres and general sporting facilities across Victoria.

Grants made under the fund will be distributed to local councils, which can apply for grants on behalf of sporting clubs and associations.

A key outcome for the State Government is to improve participation in community sporting activities, so it is important that applications demonstrate how a project achieves this objective.


Grant applications

State Sporting Associations should consider how they can work with their clubs and local government authorities to apply for funds.

Any funding proposal submitted should emphasise how the project will encourage participation in community sporting activities, particularly females, juniors, people living in growth areas and disadvantaged communities.


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