Bulletin - Autumn 2015

Workplace Relations & Safety Bulletin - 14 May 2015

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Welcome to the Autumn 2015 edition of the Workplace Relations & Safety Bulletin.

It’s been another busy quarter in employment law. In addition to the usual churn of cases from the various courts and tribunals, there have been a handful of significant developments of which employers should be aware. We cover these key areas in our Hot Issues section and in more depth in some of our articles.

In addition, there are several significant ongoing inquiries, including the Productivity Commission’s inquiry into Australia’s workplace relations system, the Fair Work Commission’s Annual Wage Review 2014-15 and the Commission’s ongoing Four Yearly Review of Awards. We are monitoring the conduct of these inquiries and will keep you updated on any key developments.

In this edition of the Bulletin we discuss topical employment issues in the areas of Employment, Industrial Relations, Anti-Discrimination, and Safety and Environment, including:

  • No adverse action despite termination letter referring to taking of sick leave.
  • Unpaid interns: cheap labour that could cost you.
  • A genuine proposal: what it takes to bargain in "good faith".
  • Pursuing claims for non-permitted content not necessarily a barrier to good faith bargaining.
  • Sexual behaviour not protected by Sex Discrimination Act.
  • Superannuation: the contentious issue - employee or independent contractor?
  • Dismissals on safety grounds: fair cop or not?
  • Environmental liability: yours, mine or ours?

and more...


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Video | The Fair Work anti-bullying laws one year on - what have we learned?

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It has been more than a year now, since the new Fair Work bullying jurisdiction came into effect.

In this 4.30 minute interview, Workplace Relations & Safety partner, Daniel Proietto, looks at whether employees have been taking advantage of the new anti-bullying laws, and outlines some key case law developments and what constitutes Reasonable Management Action by an employer. Daniel also considers whether there is any clarity for employers around the legal definition of a workplace and gives some tips on how employers should be managing this risk.



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