Bulletin - Summer 2015

Workplace Relations & Safety Bulletin - 13 February 2015

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Kicking off the year in workplace relations and safety, the Productivity Commission is conducting an inquiry into Australia’s workplace relations framework. The inquiry has put workplace relations laws firmly back in the spotlight. It also presents a great opportunity for employers to express their views on what is or isn’t working under the current regime. The deadline for employer submissions is Friday, 13 March.

The Fair Work Commission is continuing its four-yearly review of modern awards. Interested parties can make a submission or attend the associated hearings and conferences. A full timetable of the review can be found at the Fair Work Commission’s website. 

In this edition of the Bulletin we discuss topical employment issues in the areas of Employment, Industrial Relations, Anti-Discrimination, and Safety and Environment, including:

  • Modern awards - assessing coverage and application
  • Employment restraints - is it reasonable to freeze an ex-employee in 8,190 ways?
  • Interpreting enterprise agreements - what's involved?
  • Wrongful termination for reaching retirement age
  • Supreme Court of NSW confirms wide scope of pwers granted to inspectors under WHS legislation

and more...


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Video | Workplace investigations - tips and traps

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The purpose of any workplace investigation is essentially to determine what happened in a particular set of circumstances.

In this 5 minute interview, Workplace Relations & Safety partner, Patrizia Mercuri, looks at when an employer might need to undertake a workplace investigation, how to decide whether to conduct the investigation internally or externally, the benefits of workplace investigations, and common pitfalls of which employers should be aware.




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