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Publication - 13 Dec 17

You’ve probably heard these buzzwords around the office. You may have even feigned understanding when they were brought up at the last innovation retreat. But what does it all mean? We take a brief look at who's who in the zoo of distributed ledger technology and why, as a lawyer,... Read More

News - 10 Aug 16

Following a week of calls for a boycott of the 2016 Census amid fears regarding the security of personal information to be collected online this year, no one seemed particularly surprised when the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) confirmed that the system had been targeted, and ultimately disabled, by malicious... Read More

Publication - 30 Oct 15

In what is a watershed moment for internet defamation law in Australia,1 the Supreme Court of South Australia has found that Google Inc is a publisher of, and therefore potentially liable for, defamatory content published in search result "snippets", auto-complete suggestions and even third party websites to which it provides hyperlinked... Read More

News - 09 Sep 15

Lander & Rogers recently held the third event in our "Business of Football" series, hosted by our lawyers, Peggy O'Neal, President of Richmond Football Club, and Derek Humphery-Smith, former AFL field umpire. Guest speakers Anthony Hudson - SEN, Fox Footy, Lewis Martin - Managing Director, Channel 7 and Caroline Wilson -... Read More