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Publication - 07 Dec 17

There is no doubt that 2017 has been a tough year for retailers, with sales remaining flat and a number of retailers having to close their doors. All of this while the spectre of Amazon's arrival has loomed large on the horizon, with many analysts and scribes positing on the... Read More

Publication - 11 Sep 17

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has taken waste management company JJ Richards & Sons (JJ Richards) to court for breach of the small business unfair contract laws that came into effect in November 2016. This is the first legal action that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has... Read More

Publication - 31 Aug 17

From 1 September 2017, a ban on excessive card payment surcharges will apply to all Australian businesses. The ban has applied to large businesses since 1 September 2016, but will now extend to all other businesses that are based in Australia or use an Australian bank. In this article we outline... Read More

Publication - 16 May 17

The Building Legislation Amendment (Consumer Protection) Act 2016 (Vic) was passed in 2016, introducing a number of changes to the regulation of building work in Victoria with the aim of enhancing consumer protection for domestic building work.  Some of these changes came into effect on 26 April 2017. Builders, building surveyors,... Read More

Publication - 16 May 17

The ACCC has signalled a clear warning to franchisors that upholding the protections afforded to small businesses under industry codes is an enforcement priority. This warning came after the ACCC advised that Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited (Domino’s) became the first company to pay penalties for alleged breaches of the Franchising... Read More

Publication - 28 Sep 16

要約 オーストラリア消費者法およびオーストラリア証券投資委員会(ASIC)法に対する変更が2016年11月に施行され、不当契約条項からの保護(これまでは消費者だけに適用)が小規模事業者にも適用されるようになります。 この規制体制の拡大は標準書式契約(金融サービスに関する契約も含む)だけに限られ、少なくとも一当事者が小規模事業者であり、契約当初の支払金額が30万ドル未満の契約、もしくは契約期間が12カ月を超える場合には当初支払金額が100万ドル未満の契約だけが対象となります。 このeBulletinでは、今回の変更が実際に及ぼす影響を考慮し、これに対して貴社がなんらかの変更を検討する必要があるとすれば、それがどのようなものであるかを考えます。 Click here to read this eBulletin in English. Read More

Publication - 23 Aug 16

Changes to the Australian Consumer Law and to the ASIC Act, which commence in November 2016, extend the unfair contract term protections (previously afforded only to consumers) to small business. The extension of the regime is limited to standard form contracts (including financial services contracts) where at least one party is... Read More

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