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Publication - 21 Feb 18

2017 saw a change in the Australian insurance landscape - from overseas investors snapping up local insurance businesses, to an increase in regulation, and advances in technology improving how claims are being handled. In this short video our partners Mark Lindfield and Sybilla Waring-Lambert share their views on the following: • The... Read More

Publication - 15 Dec 17

Welcome to Edition 6 of our Employment & Safety Law Bulletin for NSW Government practitioners. In this edition, we look at legal developments relevant to the NSW Government sector in relation to: unfair dismissal; industrial relations; discrimination; workplace safety; and access to information and privacy. Read More

Publication - 14 Dec 17

Welcome to the December 2017 edition of the Workplace Relations & Safety Bulletin. This edition discusses several recent legal developments and helpful tips for employers including: • How employers must take care when seeking to unilaterally impose changes on employees; • a caution for employers from the Fair Work Commission on clarity of OH&S policies;... Read More

News - 11 Oct 17

Independent Australian law firm Lander & Rogers has announced that it will be appointing partners Tony Woods and Stephen Jauncey to its Workplace Relations & Safety practice in Sydney. Their official start dates at the firm are likely to be within the month. Tony joins from Henry Davis York and brings... Read More

Publication - 12 Dec 16

There is a lot to gain from a well-run office Christmas party. It allows staff a chance to celebrate and be recognised for their achievements over the past year. It may be the only time each year that people see one another outside of the office environment.... Read More

Publication - 22 Nov 16

Our Workplace Relations & Safety Bulletin contains articles on topical issues for employers. In this edition: the legalities of gardening leave; the importance of a notice of employee representational rights in the bargaining of an enterprise agreement; and the safety obligations that may pose a risk in the retail supply chain. Read More

Publication - 13 Sep 16

Stress: We all have to live with it to some extent. For some, it's the overwhelming number of rapidly approaching deadlines piling up at work. For others, it's being forced to decide between the Prada or the Gucci suit (why not both?). Stress is ever present, which isn't all bad—without... Read More

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