Privacy eBulletin - 29 March 2017

Under the new requirements, entities that are bound by the Privacy Act 1988 will be obliged to notify the Privacy Commissioner and affected customers of any "eligible data breach" as soon as practicable after becoming aware of the occurrence. Where an APP entity merely suspects that its data has been breached, it will have 30 days to conduct an investigation before it must report.

In this eBulletin we look at what makes an "eligible breach" and what you should do if your business is bound by the Privacy Act 1988.

Leasing eBulletin - 9 December 2013

The High Court in Willmott Growers Group has upheld a Victorian Court of Appeal decision that a lease can be disclaimed by the liquidator of a landlord. In this eBulletin we will discuss the very significant implications this decision will have for tenants.  Read more...

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