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We cover all aspects of environmental law, including in relation to development projects, corporate and property transactions, environmental liability and litigation.

We also offer a range of environmental compliance and corporate defence services across Australia. Our team combines leading practitioners with experience working in State regulatory agencies, as well as expertise from advising companies with complex environmental obligations.

Our compliance services cover the regulatory cycle, from legislative monitoring and training on environmental laws, to defending clients when things go wrong.  Our team are proud supporters of the Australasian Land & Groundwater Association and the Australian Environment Business Network.

Lander & Rogers is a member of the Australian Legal Sector Alliance (AusLSA), an industry-led association promoting sustainability in the legal sector.

Our services

Corporate and property transactions

We advise on environmental due diligence investigations in relation to corporate and property transactions. 

Our lawyers have experience in providing due diligence advice and assistance in relation to transactions involving a range of industries including manufacturing, agriculture, mining and electricity supply.  We also have extensive experience in advising on environmental issues, such as contaminated land, in relation to the sale and purchase of land. 

Our experience and detailed understanding of relevant regulations enable us to readily identify planning and environmental issues and provide innovative solutions to those issues.

Development projects

We provide advice on the planning and environmental aspects of development projects. 

We have experience across a range of projects including commercial and industrial development, major transport projects and energy generation and transmission. As a consequence, we are familiar with planning and environmental issues typically associated with varying types of development. We have a thorough understanding of the different areas of planning and environmental law including environmental impact assessments, heritage, threatened species and contaminated land. 

We also work closely with technical consultants and commercial advisers in the approvals process to ensure an efficient process and the best possible outcome is achieved for our clients.

Environmental investigations and prosecutions

Our team defends clients in environmental investigations and prosecutions and advises on enforcement mechanisms used by environmental regulators. We also have significant experience of environmental litigation brought by third parties.

Environmental liability and contamination

We regularly advise clients on their obligations and liabilities in relation to contaminated sites and pollution incidents, both from a contractual and regulatory perspective. 

We have experience in advising corporate clients on orders and notices requiring the investigation / remediation of contaminated sites, negotiations with the EPA, pollution licensing and waste management issues. We also have experience in advising financiers on their exposure to environmental liability and financial risk.

Incident response and notification

We advise on incident reporting of environmental non-compliances, in emergencies and in accordance with regulatory reporting requirements.

We also advise on and prepare protocols for incident notification to environmental regulators. 

We offer a 24/7 incident response service hotline to clients.

Monitoring and environmental compliance programs

We provide regulatory monitoring services to enable clients to achieve compliance with changing legislation.

Our team develops environmental compliance registers for clients, including in related health and safety obligations. We also develop procedures for complying with environmental reporting requirements, such as Annual Returns.

Training in environmental obligations

Our team provides tailored training to all levels of management and operators on environmental obligations under Federal, State, Territory and local laws. In particular, we offer training on incident response obligations and dealing with government regulators.

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