YouTube partnership agreements - are you getting the most out of your online videos and webcasts?

Sport & Events eBulletin - 22 October 2012


YouTube provides sporting organisations with the ability for their video clips and webcasts to reach a global audience. Perhaps less well known is that YouTube offers free partnerships to all organisations whose content is uploaded by 3rd parties. 

Entering into a partnership agreement with YouTube allows sporting organisations and event organisers to access a whole range of other services including access to detailed audience statistics and the ability to identify, manage and even generate revenue from video material uploaded by you and by 3rd parties.


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Promoting events

Bringing online videos to over 4 billion daily viewers across mobile phones, TVs, computers and a range of other devices, YouTube is an extremely effective way to promote sports and sporting events.

Organisations like the IOC have already created their own official Olympics YouTube channel, providing a platform for social networking by adding friends, messaging, joining groups and using a bulletin board to interact with other fans.


Audience analytics

In addition, YouTube Partners are able to access detailed metrics including information about the location, demographics, level of interaction of fans and the devices used to view content. 

This kind of information and statistics could be provided directly to sponsors and broadcasters and form the basis for discussions over rights sales.


Content ID - block, track or monetise

As part of a partnership agreement with YouTube, content owners are able to identify, control and even generate income from 3rd party uploads of copyright material. 

Sporting organisations can provide YouTube with a video or audio clip as a reference file and then whenever another person or organisation uploads a file to YouTube, it is cross-referenced with YouTube's database of reference files to determine whether it contains either the whole or a part of your copyright material (i.e. the material owned by the sporting organisation which has been registered as a reference file).

For any events where the exclusive intellectual property rights are held by the sporting organisation, any 3rd party videos of that event uploaded to YouTube will be identified and dealt with according to the sporting organisation's request, including options to:

Block:   YouTube will prevent the content from being distributed without the content owner's permission.

Track:   The video remains available on YouTube and the data captured in relation to public viewing of the clip is made available to the content owner.

Monetise:  For any advertisements added to the video, a portion of the revenue will be provided to the content owner.

Content ID is fully automated and, at any time, YouTube partners can access summaries of how videos are performing or being monetised at a glance. 

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Next steps

A YouTube partnership is a great way to provide your video content (whether video clips, webcasts or event/match footage) to fans and to collect important data about the viewing and use of content (both content posted by you and posted by others) which can be used to demonstrate your reach and viewing power to potential broadcasters and sponsors.

If you are interested in developing a partnership agreement with YouTube, or would like us to make inquiries on your behalf please contact Garth Towan or Ian Fullagar.


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