Contractors, consultants and suppliers

Lander & Rogers expects our contractors, consultants and suppliers to adopt the same high ethical compliance standards that we do, including in the following areas:

1. Anti bribery and corruption

(i) We are committed to doing business in an honest, fair and transparent matter. We regard this as part of our ethics policy.

(ii) Staff must never accept, solicit, agree to receive, promise, offer or give a bribe, kickback or other improper payment or undue advantage (including gifts and hospitality), in order to obtain or retain business or any other improper business advantage.

(iii) For travel, gifts, entertainment and hospitality:

  • (1) provided by us, Staff must follow our Travel and Expenses Policy and
  • (2) offered to us, Staff must follow our Gifts & Hospitality Policy.

(iv) We engage and remunerate contractors, consultants and suppliers only for legitimate services that cannot reasonably be provided by our own people.

(v) We adopt financial and tax accounting and auditing practices that prevent the establishment of 'off the books'/secret accounts, or the creation of documents that do not properly and fairly record the transactions to which they relate.

2. Anti money laundering

(a) Lander & Rogers expects our contractors, consultants and suppliers to adopt the same AML standards that we do.

(b) Staff will not knowingly engage in or be associated with money laundering in any form.

3. Anti modern slavery

(a) We have a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery in any form, within our business, in all our business dealings or in our supply chain. We regard this as part of our:

  • (i) ethics policy;
  • (ii) commitment to the wellbeing of our people; and
  • (iii) commitment to giving back to the community, including partnering with Anti-Slavery Australia, a specialist legal research and policy centre dedicated to the abolition of human trafficking and slavery-like practices, such as forced labour and forced marriage.

(b) All our Staff are engaged or employed in Australia.

(c) We comply with all applicable Australian employment laws regarding working conditions and remuneration of our Staff.

(d) Most Staff are professionally qualified and/or very skilled and highly regarded in their field of expertise.

(e) We have a program for professional development all our Staff, together with formal performance review processes to reward their achievement fairly.

(f) Before entering into a contract with a contractor, consultant or supplier, the relevant BSG Director or PGL is responsible to ensure that we undertake reasonable due diligence to ensure that the contractor, consultant or supplier:

  • (i) does not employ children
  • (ii) pays their employees applicable wages; and
  • (iii) has safe working conditions.

4. Workplace behaviour

(a) We are committed to a workplace that is free from any form of inappropriate workplace behaviour.

This includes:

  • (i) unlawful discrimination;
  • (ii) harassment (including sexual harassment);
  • (iii) vilification;
  • (iv) victimisation; and
  • (v) bullying.

5. Social responsibility

(a) We are committed to promoting diversity, equality, respect and inclusion principles across the employee lifecycle with specific emphasis on attracting, recruiting, engaging and retaining diverse talent.

(b) We are committed to promoting reconciliation and contributing to Australia’s effort to close the gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the wider community and have formalised this commitment through our reconciliation plans.

(c) We are committed to promoting gender equality in the workplace.

(d) We are committed to the management of our business in an environmentally responsible manner, to care for the environment in which we live and work, and to sustain its quality for the benefit of future generations.

Last reviewed: 5 March 2020