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As cyber threat actors became more targeted and sophisticated in 2023, so too did governments, organisations and individuals in their response to the rising threat and occurrence of cyber attacks.

It was a year of significant data breaches; proposals for legislative reforms; significant launches of ambitious cyber security strategies and action plans from two key jurisdictions, the US and Australia; and further development and maturing of international law enforcement cooperation on taking offensive action to disrupt the operations of threat actors, particularly ransomware gangs.

This was so particularly as geopolitical tensions escalated state-sponsored attacks, the vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure became increasingly apparent, and gaps in the current cyber, privacy and data legislative framework became evident.

On the cyber insurance front we continued to see insurers devising forward-thinking solutions for capacity, developing innovative cyber insurance products to better suit different businesses, and investing in cultivating cyber insurance talent to ensure that underwriting keeps up with changes in technology and associated risks.

In this guide we explore the cyber trends, legislative reforms and regulatory changes that defined 2023, and the developments we are likely to see in the year ahead. We also examine the coordinated actions being taken around the world to counter cyber threats and data breaches, and identify areas of growing priority ─ such as the increasingly critical space technology sector.

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CyberSight 360

Download our summary of the key events, legislative and regulatory changes, trends and lessons from the year in cyber, and what we can expect in the year ahead.

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Legal expert and cyber security insurance partner Melissa Tan speaks with Lawyers Weekly editor Jerome Doraisamy about the Australian government's plan to criminalise cyber extortion payments.

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