COVID-19: Further firmwide actions

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Lander & Rogers is taking further action to reduce the potential risk and spread of COVID-19.

Although we have no reported or confirmed cases of the virus, on Monday 16 March 2020 we asked most of our people to work remotely until further notice, effective 17 March 2020. A small number of our people will remain on site for functions which cannot be undertaken remotely.

The decision reflects our priority to keep our people, clients and community safe and well.

We recognise that we are in a very fortunate position to be able to conduct our business remotely without any impact on our clients and our high service delivery. This is because flexibility is an important part of our connected and innovative culture.

By taking this step now, we are minimising the risk of exposure for our people travelling to and from work and the potential spread of the virus with large numbers of our people working together in offices.

It will also help keep our premises free of the virus, should our clients or our people need to attend in-person meetings at any of our offices.

Business continuity

  • Our clients will continue to have access to all our people via email, telephone and video conferencing
  • Our lawyers will continue to be available to our clients to participate in essential in-person meetings and attend court dates, as required
  • We made this decision as a priority to protect our people, their families, our clients and community

Our leadership

  • It is important that we continue to assist our clients and the community during challenging times
  • We will continue to publish articles and information on LinkedIn and on our website about the legal and business ramifications of the current situation
  • If we can assist in any way with these issues, please contact us at or subscribe to receive our articles and information.

We do appreciate this is a difficult time for all organisations and our community.

Thank you for continuing to work together to minimise the risks presented by COVID-19 and ensure the safety and wellbeing of us all.

Key contacts

Genevieve Collins

Chief Executive Partner