LawTech Hub startup, TA Law revolutionises digital briefing for lawyers and barristers

Image > LawTech Hub Startup, TA Law Revolutionises Digital Briefing For Lawyers and Barristers

New legal tech platform eBrief Ready, developed within Lander & Rogers' celebrated LawTech Hub, is breaking new ground in the legal sector by streamlining the way solicitors are able to instruct barristers. This collaboration tool from Melbourne-based company TA Law allows briefs to be digitally assembled, distributed and annotated by clients, barristers and expert witnesses.

Prior to the eBrief Ready technology, briefs were either sent via hardcopy, on USB sticks or through emails – creating an administrative burden as well as increased data privacy risks. As law firms and barristers have adapted to remote working in the wake of COVID-19, they have also rapidly embraced this new technology. More than 30% of the Victorian Bar (600+ users) are now using eBrief Ready, and this is growing by 10% each month.

Martin Bartfeld, QC from Holmes List, announced earlier this month that Holmes List have fully adopted the new eBrief technology. "eBrief Ready has removed the need for hardcopy folders full of documents being delivered all over the country every day," he said. "Lawyers are now able to efficiently put briefs together and refine them further as a matter proceeds. The brief can be shared with every practitioner who requires access, and it can be worked on collaboratively. Thanks to the efficiencies in the system, early indications suggest substantial savings and time and therefore costs."

Efficiency, security and increased collaboration are not the only benefits on offer. By making the briefing process 100% paperless, this new technology also benefits the environment – an important factor for Lander & Rogers, with the firm having reduced its carbon footprint across its three offices by 94% since April 2019.

Michelle Grossmann, Lander & Rogers' Chief Innovation Officer & Transformation Lead, said: "We are committed to providing an exceptional client experience whilst also driving sustainable practices. We aim to deliver efficient, environmentally conscious legal services and electronic briefing is a crucial part of reducing our impact on the environment."

eBrief Ready was developed through tuning into the needs of both barristers and law firms, and is the result of a collaborative design process between the technology's founder, Stephen Foley, and Lander & Rogers' lawyers and business experts. Foley is a resident of the LawTech Hub powered by YBF Ventures, the firm's strategic initiative to support Australia's emerging legal tech startups.

"I was fortunate enough to join Lander & Rogers' LawTech Hub. Through this partnership, I have had direct access to lawyers and legal professionals, which has enabled me to build a platform that is intuitively tailored to meet the needs of those using the platform," Stephen said.

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Chief Innovation Officer & Transformation Lead

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