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Business Transformation

Technology and digitisation is ever increasing with a growing number of organisations and industries implementing legal process improvement strategies, technologies and tools to transform business operations and deliver better business outcomes.

Drive measurable improvements in efficiencies and effectiveness for your business by identifying innovative solutions to your legal and business challenges.

In this section:

Supporting in-house legal teams

Matter management and process optimisation

Seamlessly manage requests from your organisation, other departments or external counsel through a secure and intuitive matter management platform.

With no software installation required, take immediate advantage of the following features:

  • scalable and customisable matter management designed to meet your reporting and business needs
  • secure access to a trusted platform widely used by law firms across the globe
  • customisable dashboards and reporting
  • precedent automation to improve efficiencies

Solution design

Whether it's for a simple one-off project or a set of complex longstanding issues, iHub partners with you to co-design solutions to solve challenges facing your legal teams.


  1. work collaboratively to analyse the challenge in detail
  2. co-develop a project strategy to solve the challenge
  3. build, deploy and embed a customised solution
  4. ongoing support or after-project service to ensure the project is successful

Draw on a team of highly skilled legal and technology experts, and a range of leading tech platforms, to develop smart solutions focused on workflow, compliance, document automation, triaging legal queries, contract review and much more.

Examples include:

  • Employment matters: an employee onboarding platform to centralise and streamline HR processes, including accessing and selecting the mostly suitable contracts every time.
  • Compliance: a proprietary privacy risk assessment system, Lander & Rogers Privacy comply, to seamlessly navigate complex regulatory compliance concerning data privacy for IT systems and projects.
  • Procurement automation and lifecycle management: design, build and deploy process automation systems to dramatically reduce the procurement cycle timeframe, improve spend visibility, increase productivity and improve supplier relationships.
  • Document automation: automation of documents ranging from simple NDA's through to complete suites of automated precedents to drive efficiencies, reduce human error, capture key data and analytics, and improve the experience of document drafting.
  • Contract review: construction of a centralised contract playbook platform to guide reviewers through commonly negotiated points in third-party contracts, improve knowledge through tailored instructions and reduce repeat queries through a guided process and automatically generated departures schedule.
  • Low cost data rooms: deployment of simple, cost-effective data rooms to share documents quickly and securely.

Technology and system selection

Invest in the right technologies and systems to drive your business further.

Take a digital-first approach to your CX, product design, service offering and operations to drive growth and future-proof your business. Digital technologies can accelerate your progress towards organisational goals to improve financial returns, workforce diversity, and environmental targets by 22% [Deloitte, 2020].

Work with an experienced team that can assist you with gathering and prioritising your project requirements and advise on the technology that is best suited for your business. Lander & Rogers iHub connects you with leading legal tech solutions to test and evaluate, and can guide you in selecting technology that will deliver the greatest value for your team.

Legal tech platforms include:

  • document automation
  • smart contracts & blockchain
  • workflow and process automation
  • document management
  • matter management
  • artificial intelligence / Natural language processing (NLP) systems
  • contract review
  • contract lifecycle management

Support for your business

Access a range of services to support your business' success.

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Process optimisation

Streamlining internal processes is the first step before deciding whether to invest in legal technology.

We can support your in-house legal team to redesign processes across your business.

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Product selection

Remove the guesswork when selecting the right tools and technology for your business through a combination of strategic analysis, 'proof of concept' and comprehensive market due diligence.

Our iHub is uniquely placed to advise on proven, new and emerging options for your technology stack.

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Solution design

We have a team of developers, technologists and legal experts that can convert a wide range of manual processes to save time, reduce costs and enhance performance.

Through sophisticated rule configuration and decision tree logic, even the most complex offline processes can benefit from a digital-first approach.

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Digital skills training and workshops

Play and learn in our custom-developed Sandbox, which provides hands-on access to leading tech tools.

Become a certified expert with the ease and flexibility of a self-guided learning experience.

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Project resource support

Launching a new tech tool can present challenges with implementation and engagement.

Our team of legal technologists and change experts can help you scale-up at pace, overcome obstacles and unlock opportunities.

Short-term secondments are a proven way to create and retain value.

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Continuous improvement and design thinking

Business transformation is an ongoing journey.

By building the right frameworks and foundations, you are creating opportunities to optimise, improve and progress ideas through to successful delivery.

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Leadership and coaching

Optimise the legal supply chain and create a thriving, high performance in-house culture.

Our iHub team helps in-house legal professionals create value for their business through a blend of user-experience research, design thinking and leadership development.

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Guidance and ideas

The first step of your digital transformation journey is often the hardest.

Leverage our iHub's industry-specific insights to help you plan a path destined for success.

Lander & Rogers iHub

Lander & Rogers iHub is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary team of problem solvers and innovators that creates smart solutions to both everyday and complex business challenges.

Drawing upon expertise in law, business and technology, iHub advises and supports organisations on process optimisation and business transformation solutions.

iHubs' solutions are proven to enhance productivity, optimise performance and enhance the user experience.

Introduction to legal automation

Over the past few decades, automation software has drastically transformed entire industries. Now the legal sector is at a turning point with organisations set to embrace change, technology and automation for the better. This guide has been prepared to assist those considering investing in legal automation. It provides guidance and tips on when and how to automate.

Innovative automation solutions

Case study

iHub creates innovative automation solutions incorporating leading technology and human-centred design principles. Watch this case study on a recent legal automation project we undertook for a client.


For enquiries about the iHub or to learn more about how we can help you take the next step in your transformation journey, please contact:

Michelle Grossmann

Chief Innovation Officer & Transformation Lead

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