Legal Operations Consulting

The power to transform your legal matter management workflows is already within reach.

Unlock your legal ops potential with consulting and support from iHub by Lander & Rogers. Leverage Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform software solutions to align your legal practice with your business, fostering seamless collaboration and effective legal management.

Why choose Microsoft 365 and Power Platform for legal solutions?

Many legal teams question the need for distinct platforms separate from their organisation ─ particularly smaller and mid-size teams managing multiple workflows amid resource constraints. Employing the familiar and versatile technology of Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform, iHub will integrate and align legal operations within your business environment, enabling seamless and efficient collaboration within your team and with your key stakeholders.

Access solutions tailored to your needs

Learn more below about how iHub can assist you to enhance your in-house legal operations with a range of software and services.

Legal request intake

Leverage Microsoft 365 technology to streamline the management of incoming legal requests with user-friendly forms, enabling efficient logging, transparent case tracking, and prioritisation based on your business rules.

Triaging legal work

Implement automated legal operations workflows to assign legal tasks based on criteria such as urgency and required expertise, to enhance operational efficiency.

Task and matter management

Utilising Power Platform functionality, iHub designs comprehensive systems for overseeing tasks and matters from start to finish, including tracking deadlines and monitoring progress.

Document automation and management

Automate legal document creation and management of key contracts with Power Platform, reducing manual efforts and minimising errors.

Legal knowledge hub

Gain access to a centralised space for legal teams to access shared knowledge, resources, and training materials. This hub streamlines communication and fosters continuous learning.

Introduction to legal automation

Over the past few decades, automation software has drastically transformed entire industries. Now the legal sector is at a turning point with organisations set to embrace change, technology and automation for the better. This guide has been prepared to assist those considering investing in legal automation. It provides guidance and tips on when and how to automate.

AI Lab

The AI Lab by Lander & Rogers is committed to applying artificial intelligence for the benefit of our people, clients, community, and environment.

Fusing state-of-the-art AI research, development, education, and ethical considerations, the AI Lab:

  • explores AI use cases
  • generates innovative proof-of-concepts and prototypes for legal environments and clients; and
  • partners with the LawTech Hub, industry associations, academic institutions, and startups to drive positive outcomes and promote AI literacy.

Work with us

We are dedicated to empowering legal teams and their business units with solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective, enhancing legal and compliance processes without the need for a full-scale legal matter management solution.

Whether you’re considering a comprehensive end-to-end solution or custom development to solve a specific challenge, iHub will help you take back control and focus on the legal work that delivers real value to your business.