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Lander & Rogers backs global standard NDA

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  • As one of Australia's most future-focused law firms, Lander & Rogers has embraced a new global standard in non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).
  • oneNDA is simplifying NDAs by creating a balanced, crowd-sourced and open-sourced tool for day-to-day activities.

NDAs are used by law firms, large businesses and start-ups. They are almost all identical but can waste valuable time that lawyers, in-house legal teams and founders could be spending on bigger, more strategic work.

Chief Innovation Officer & Transformation Lead, Michelle Grossmann is tasked with ensuring that Lander & Rogers is using the latest, cutting-edge tools and platforms to generate greater efficiencies for its people and clients.

Ms Grossmann said, "Lander & Rogers is one of the most future-focused law firms in Australia. We have a market-leading technology and digital practice and are one of the first firms to launch a dedicated innovation centre, iHub by Lander & Rogers — an award-winning, multi-disciplinary team of problem solvers and innovators creating smart solutions for everyday and complex business challenges. When oneNDA came across our radar, we knew it would save an incredible amount of time for our lawyers that could be spent on more sophisticated matters for our clients."

OneNDA is an open source, crowd-sourced, standardised NDA created by the legal community, including lawyers from organisations such as Adidas, HSBC, KPMG and Coca-Cola.

There is great enthusiasm at Lander & Rogers around the implementation of oneNDA, simplifying an agreement that is used globally delivering the same message with only slight adjustments to language. Alexandra Harley, a corporate lawyer at Lander & Rogers said, "The value of a tool like this is immense; reducing overhead costs for start-up and early-stage companies at a critical time in their growth. OneNDA will provide peace of mind to founders that they are protected when it matters most."

OneNDA was founded by TLB in London and was borne out of frustration of the time and money wasted over negotiations and agreements that are mostly the same, add little value and are hardly every litigated.

Since going live in August 2021, oneNDA has been downloaded more than 8,000 times and formally adopted by 620 global companies as their organisational standard NDA, including by PwC, EasyJet, UBS and SwissRe.

Integrated into Lander & Rogers Confidential

Lander & Rogers has recently integrated oneNDA into its Lander & Rogers Confidential platform. Lander & Rogers Confidential is an app that allows people that the firm works with to complete, review and sign either a Lander & Rogers confidentiality deed (for more sensitive matters including sharing of client data) or a oneNDA non-disclosure agreement.

When a user initiates the Lander & Rogers Confidential app, they are asked if they expect to give or receive client data, personal information or sensitive intellectual property, and if the subject matter of the transaction has an expected value above $50,000.

If the answer is "no" to both questions, the user is automatically directed to oneNDA, where a few key details are taken to create the agreement. The user is then sent the document via DocuSign to review and sign—quick and easy.

Roisin Noonan, co-founder of oneNDA said, "We're excited to welcome Lander & Rogers to oneNDA. As one of Australia's leading independent law firms and an active promoter of innovation in the legal industry, we are confident that their adoption of oneNDA will really give it wings in the Asia-Pacific region.

"Not only has oneNDA helped adopters close deals up to 90% quicker but, by adopting oneNDA, these organisations signal to the world that they are both innovators and sustainable business leaders."

Ms Grossmann added, "Congratulations to Roisin Noonan and Electra Japonas for recognising the need for a standardised NDA. It's one of those 'why didn't I think of that' ideas that has changed the game, frees up time for our lawyers and makes their jobs more enjoyable—not having to spend unnecessary time rehashing one of the world's more simple contracts."

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