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Technology is driving rapid change throughout the legal profession and you could be at the forefront. Accelerate your success by applying to be a LawTech Hub resident and driving the future of legal sector innovation.

The first of its kind in Australia, the LawTech Hub brings together lawyers and entrepreneurs to design and build transformative legal technology.

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Program overview

The LawTech Hub is designed for startups and scaleups, who have bright ideas for the future of law. The highly-focused program offers founders the tools, frameworks and support to achieve success.

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LawTech Hub Residents

Ask Lexi logo.

Ask Lexi uses AI to help lawyers get more done in less time in four key areas: legal research, document review, legal drafting, and dataset review.

Mary Technology logo.

Automating and improving the process of drafting chronologies with AI, Mary Technology ingests vast amounts of client documentation then creates dynamic, fully-formatted chronologies that lawyers can interact with to quickly comprehend matters and collaborate with colleagues.

OCRT Consulting logo.

Leveraging breakthrough AI, Project Vici by OCRT Consulting augments experts with an AI analytics tool that disrupts traditional investigation methods. Datasets are rapidly interrogated to find relevant facts via interactive visualisations. In essence, the tool illuminates easily obfuscated information.

Graduated LawTech Hub Alumni

The most recent LawTech Hub cohort included Deeligence, Disclosure Ready, Halisok, My Life Capsule and Oddr. View all LawTech Hub alumni.

Deeligence logo.

Deeligence streamlines the delivery of due diligence with automated processes and modern workflow tools. Deeligence gets deals done quicker, reduces the risk of manual errors and provides rich insights to clients.

Disclosure Ready logo.

Disclosure Ready empowers the legal community with innovative tools and resources to streamline document management processes, enabling lawyers to work more efficiently and effectively. Highlights include simplifying collaboration, organising matters, automating document creation, and implementing secure storage and retrieval systems.

Halisok logo.

Halisok employs AI and machine learning to extract unstructured data locked in jpgs, documents, emails, audio and more. The Halisok platform allows users to apply the latest machine learning technology from Google, OpenAI and AWS to any email, Word or PDF document.

My Life Capsule logo.

My Life Capsule offers ultra-secure digital vaults to manage confidential information efficiently. The Partner Portal streamlines legal client onboarding and data exchange, reducing administrative overhead and mitigating cybersecurity risks. The Client Capsules protect, organise, and share private information for individuals and families, making life easier and better protected.

Oddr logo.

Oddr is a purpose-built platform for law firms that provides a single pane of glass view for the entire invoice lifecycle, allowing firms to significantly reduce DSO and write-offs through re-invented billing, smart collections, and integrated payments. Advanced AI and analytics enable sophisticated modelling and forecasting.

LawTech Hub Supporters

The LawTech Hub proudly works with the following companies to support members and alumni.

AWS Logo

Build and grow your business by unlocking $10,000 in AWS Activate credits and up to $1,500 in business support.

deel logo.

Hire full-time and independent contractors in 150 countries through Deel's global payroll and compliant hiring platform.

FB Rice Logo.

Protect your intellectual property with the help of leading Australian intellectual property firm, FB Rice.

FWC Lawyers Logo.

Access professional support for shareholder agreements, capital raising, and privacy and data schemes, with FCW Lawyers.

HubSpot Logo.

Enjoy a discount of up to 90% on HubSpot inbound marketing, sales and customer service software as a member of the LawTech Hub.

IBM Logo.

Build leading-edge solutions at scale with up to $120,000 in IBM Cloud credits and access to services including AI, blockchain and data science.

Lawyerd logo.

Protect your idea with 90% off fast and automated copyright protection, with Lawyerd.

Liquidise Registry Logo

Add value to your capital-raising and ESOP administration with 50% off Liquidise Registry's shareholder management platform.

Microsoft for Startups logo.

Scale your business with up to US$350,000 in benefits including US$150,000 in Azure cloud credits, access to an array of tech tools, and technical support from Microsoft for Startups.

Scendar Logo.

Obtain clear and straightforward startup tax assistance from Scendar on employee share schemes, R&D tax incentives as well as grants and other incentives.

Slidemaster logo.

Join the ranks of IBM, Microsoft, VISA, PepsiCo and Nestlé and find out how to make your brand stand out through pitch presentations, explainer videos, and marketing and sales collateral, with slidemaster.

William Buck Logo.

Leverage free advice from tech-sector accounting specialists William Buck, with guidance on R&D tax incentives, grants, ongoing tax compliance and more.


For enquiries about the LawTech Hub or the application process, please contact:

Courtney Blackman

Head of Partnerships

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