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How it works

Each year, the Lander & Rogers LawTech Hub invites individuals, teams or businesses who have bright ideas for the future of law to participate in a highly-focused six-month program that provides founders with the tools, frameworks and support to achieve success, while avoiding common traps. Learn more about the programs below.

Unlike other programs, founders retain all IP to their business or solution, and the LawTech Hub does not take an equity stake in the business. In addition, programs offer support including access to mentors and other legaltech entrepreneurs and residents; an individually curated business skills program and access to our partner program, offering connections to leading industry specialists.

This year, we're running two programs. Read more below.

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Program one

Startups & scaleups

The LawTech Hub program focuses on supporting startups and scaleups in their pursuit of creating new and innovative legaltech solutions. It represents a unique opportunity for startups to collaborate with Lander & Rogers’ lawyers and business specialists, while forging connections with the firm’s clients and networks. The LawTech Hub focuses on solutions centred primarily on:

  • automation
  • blockchain
  • artificial intelligence (AI)
  • smart contracts
  • data / predictive analytics
  • smart connectivity platforms
  • a legal sector issue requiring an innovative tech solution

Intake: this flexible program is open all year round. Speak to a program coordinator for more information.

Time commitment: the program is designed to maximise the time you spend on developing, refining and testing your product, with several phases to support your progress. Learn more about the program structure below.

Program two

Indigenous startups

This program is specifically designed to support innovation from Indigenous founders, or startups that support Indigenous communities or business.

Intake: this flexible program is open all year round. Speak to a program coordinator for more information.

Program structure

The flexibly structured program provides the guidance, tools and resources you require to design, test and scale your business tool, product or solution.