We help General Counsel optimise the legal supply chain and create a thriving, high-performance inhouse culture.

Leaders of inhouse legal teams are increasingly being asked to do 'more with less'. Budgets are getting smaller, yet the risks being managed are larger and more complex than ever. General Counsel are now expected to continually improve their performance in the same way as other business services functions.

We're a multidisciplinary team that helps inhouse legal professionals design ways of improving their value to the rest of the business. Our approach achieves meaningful results, through a blend of user-experience research, design thinking and leadership development.

Our consulting team is led by Anthony Kearns, an industry-leading business development and client experience professional. Anthony is renowned for helping senior lawyers realise their potential to drive transformational change that meets the unprecedented challenges facing today's legal profession.

Our approach

Understanding your business environment

We engage with your team and stakeholders to gain insight into what delivers real value to the business. Our research-based approach informs the design of a resource model that incorporates fixed and flexible resources, technological improvement and streamlined workflow management systems.

Developing leadership capability and cultural change

Meaningful change requires an inclusive environment where experimentation is encouraged and evolution is business as usual. We help legal professionals develop the adaptive leadership capabilities necessary to create and sustain a high-performance culture.

Rethinking legal procurement

Improving the efficiency of legal services is essential, but it needs to happen in a way that doesn't compromise value. We help General Counsel collaborate with legal suppliers to create added benefits for the business – and to make those benefits visible to stakeholders.


Anthony Kearns

Practice Group Leader - Consulting

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