Space law

Navigate new frontiers with specialist space law advice tailored to your space operations and business

The space industry offers a range of opportunities for businesses and investors looking to enter or expand their presence in this fast-growing sector. With a complex and evolving web of overlapping domestic and international regulations and policies, it also presents unique regulatory, commercial, financing, technology and intellectual property challenges. This calls for specialist knowledge and forward-thinking solutions.

Lander & Rogers' space law practice partners with government, startups, established businesses and other organisations across the space value chain to navigate the legal and regulatory requirements of conducting space and space-related activities. We combine specialist experience and formal academic training in space law with corporate and commercial expertise. We also have access to lawyers specialising in environmental law, cyber, property law, employment law, insurance law, and dispute resolution, for holistic advice tailored to your needs.

International and domestic space law due diligence and strategic legal advice

Access advice and support on space operational due diligence and research, including reviewing applicable international agreements and domestic law, and identification of liability risks and legal requirements. Gain insights to enable strategic and informed decision-making from the outset, and at key turning points of space projects and activities.

Regulatory compliance and grants

Understand your regulatory obligations in relation to securing Australian permits, licences and authorisations for space activities. We offer guidance on drafting and review of applications, as well as assist in liaising with the Australian Space Agency. We can also provide support on obtaining grants.

Commercial contracts (space and non-space) and insurance

Receive support in drafting, review and negotiation of your space contracts, including launch services agreements, hosted payload services agreements, intellectual property licensing and transfer, purchase and sale of goods and services, research and development agreements, terms and conditions of trade, non-disclosure agreements, and more. Access guidance on obtaining space insurance cover.

Corporate advisory, investment and governance

Receive support in relation to shareholder arrangements, investment documentation and obtaining investment, employee share incentive schemes, corporate and commercial contracting, corporate structuring and governance, M&A, and other corporate advisory matters.

Tomorrow's space frontier and corporate landscape present novel legal challenges. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you in your operations.

Frequently asked questions

Commonly-asked questions about the legal and regulatory aspects of space operations in Australia and internationally.

Meet Joann Yap

Joann Yap is Space Lead at Lander & Rogers and Director and Chair of the Space Law Council of Australia and New Zealand. She has formal legal training in space law and policy from Harvard University and the University of Adelaide. She is also an experienced corporate lawyer, combining her expertise in transactions and corporate advisory matters with specialist knowledge of space law to deliver strategic advice to space companies, organisations and investors.