Kate Eastaugh

Family Lawyer

Kate is a lawyer in the Family and Relationship Law team.

Prior to joining Lander & Rogers, Kate practised exclusively in the family law jurisdiction at another national mid-tier law firm in Melbourne. She also worked as a judge's associate in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia before her admission to legal practice in December 2018.

Kate prides herself on providing pragmatic advice to her clients in a timely manner, and adopts a proactive and commercial approach to each of her matters. She is passionate about building positive and empathetic relationships with her clients to empower them to make well-informed decisions about the resolution of their matter.

Kate's expertise extends across the spectrum of family law, including representing clients with parenting, financial and domestic violence issues as well as advising those wishing to enter into a financial agreement for the protection of their personal or generational wealth.


Kate's expertise includes:

  • high-conflict and multifaceted parenting disputes
  • financial matters involving complex corporate and trust structures, valuation disputes and overseas assets
  • financial agreements and binding child support agreements
  • spousal maintenance and child support
  • breakdown of a de-facto relationship and ancillary matters
  • alternative dispute resolution
  • family violence and intervention order proceedings, including personal safety intervention orders.

Career highlights

Kate's career highlights include:

  • successfully obtaining interim orders to join third parties to financial proceedings, together with injunctive relief to preserve matrimonial assets for the client
  • negotiating final parenting orders for equal time for a client and their children, where there were several serious, yet unfounded, risk allegations made against them
  • advocating for clients through alternative dispute resolution or litigation, to secure final orders in respect to property and parenting matters.

Client feedback

"I've never been so impressed by a letter."

"Working with Kate has been an amazing experience for me. Kate has been incredibly supportive and understanding throughout the entire process. She was with me on the day of mediation, and her guidance and support helped me make the right decision for my daughter. Kate has provided me with legal advice and ensured my case was always strong. Kate has remained highly strategic and professional at all times."

"I feel truly blessed to be working with Kate and my legal team."


What is the difference between a divorce and a property settlement?

A property settlement formalises the division of a couple's assets and liabilities. This can be set out in court orders or a financial agreement.

A divorce order marks the official dissolution of a couple's marriage.

There are important timeframes for filing both property and divorce applications, so reach out to Kate to discuss how these may affect you.

How much time will my child spend with me?

There are a number of considerations taken into account when determining appropriate care arrangements for children, whereby the children's best interests are the paramount consideration. Each case turns on its own facts and a variety of factors. Please contact Kate to obtain advice that is relevant to your personal circumstances.

How long will it take for my matter to be resolved and what is the process?

This is dependent upon whether or not your matter is being litigated through court, or whether private discussions are being had between parties in an attempt to resolve their matters. Kate will be able to provide you with structured and detailed advice with respect to anticipated timeframes, together with the recommended pathway to most efficiently resolving your matter.