Family and relationship law

Family law can be complex and emotionally turbulent.

We're an empathetic team with expertise in every aspect of family and relationship law, including property settlements, parenting and custody, divorce, maintenance, child support and international family law. Our team is comprised of the highest number of accredited family law specialists in Australia.

Our online systems allow you to get started anywhere, any time. By clicking the 'online enquiry' button below, we can give you tailored family law information that's free, instant, personalised and helpful. We’ll put you in touch with a lawyer best suited to your needs. Alternatively, please contact our Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane offices to speak to a family law specialist.

Property and financial matters

We have a wealth of experience in navigating complex family related financial issues. Our family lawyers can help you achieve a financially sensible outcome that sets you up for the future.

Our expertise includes:

  • property settlements
  • spousal maintenance
  • child support
  • superannuation
  • taxation considerations arising from a separation

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Legal issues involving children and parenting require care and sensitivity. Our advice is compassionate, insightful and mindful of personal circumstances.

Our services include:

  • parenting plans and orders regarding care arrangements for children
  • mediation
  • surrogacy
  • fertility law
  • relocation and unlawful removal of children
  • gender dysphoria

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De facto

De facto couples have the same legal status as married couples in Australia, but it isn't always clear when a de facto relationship exists. This is a technical area of law that requires specialist family law advice.

Contact us if you're unsure whether you're in a de facto relationship or need advice on the financial implications of entering one.

Our expertise includes:

  • binding financial agreements
  • property settlements
  • parenting and care arrangements for children 
  • spousal maintenance
  • superannuation splitting

International family law

We specialise in international and cross-cultural family law matters. Many of our lawyers are multi-lingual and can expertly navigate complex jurisdictional issues.

Our services include:

  • child support and registration of overseas orders
  • de facto and common law couples
  • moving internationally with children
  • property settlements in Australia and overseas
  • spousal maintenance and alimony

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Financial agreements

A financial agreement can be an effective way for couples to plan for the division of their assets in the event of a separation. Such agreements can be made before or during a relationship, or after separation. There are various advantages to entering into a financial agreement, but we recommend seeking advice to make sure it's the right option for you.

Our family lawyers have decades of experience drafting financial agreements and advising clients on their suitability, including for clients seeking to protect significant personal wealth.

Family violence orders

Family violence includes physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and financial abuse. A family violence order can help protect family violence victims and those who are at risk. Our lawyers help clients apply for family violence orders and arrange for their representation at court hearings.

We also help individuals wishing to oppose domestic violence orders. If you've been served with an application for an order, it's important to obtain advice in advance of any court appearances. We recommend getting in touch as soon as possible.


A divorce order marks the official end of a marriage and is separate to the process for dividing marital property. There are strict time limits for property settlements following a divorce, so it's important to seek specialist advice before making or responding to a divorce application.

We regularly assist those seeking and responding to applications for divorce and provide easy-to-understand guidance on the process. Our lawyers have extensive experience representing clients at divorce hearings and related court applications.


When you're seeking to have matters resolved quickly and privately, arbitration may be a more suitable dispute resolution process. Our partners are each formally trained and experienced in arbitrating dispute-related matters between parties, with a particular focus on:

  • property
  • family and business partner disputes
  • financial disagreements

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