International family law

Lander & Rogers is one of Australia's leading international family law practices. Our lawyers specialise in international family law matters and can sensitively navigate cross-cultural issues.

We regularly assist clients with challenging inter-jurisdictional legal problems. We're a globally-connected team with the experience to provide comprehensive advice and support in complex international family law matters.

Our online systems allow you to get started anywhere, any time. By clicking the 'online enquiry' button below, we can give you tailored family law information that's free, instant, personalised and helpful. We’ll put you in touch with a lawyer best suited to your needs. Alternatively, please contact our Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane offices to speak to a family law specialist.

Child support and registration of overseas orders

Child support arrangements can be challenging when parents reside in different countries. However, many countries have laws that allow for the enforcement and collection of maintenance payments across borders. We regularly assist clients with child support arrangements in reciprocating European and Commonwealth jurisdictions.

Foreign languages

We have family lawyers who speak the following languages:

  • Cantonese
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Hokkien
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish

De facto and common law couples

De facto relationships can exist even when the partners live in different countries.

When considering a property settlement with an overseas partner, it’s important to understand how the laws of each country classify your relationship. In Australia, de facto couples have the same rights as married couples, but this may not be the case in overseas jurisdictions.

Moving internationally with children

We help parents seeking to move countries with their children, as well as people who want to oppose a relocation application. We can help resolve these issues without litigation, but we also have a wealth of experience seeking a determination through the court system when necessary.

If you're concerned that your child or children are at risk of being abducted and taken overseas, we can provide advice on how to stop this from happening. If your child or children have already been removed from Australia without your consent, it's important to seek immediate advice from an international family law specialist. Our close alliances with international law firms provide us with the reach and expertise to properly assist you.

Property settlements in Australia and overseas

When a couple owns property in more than one country, dividing assets can be more complex. Outcomes vary depending on whether you're a married or de facto couple. Determining which country's laws apply to your relationship is also an important consideration.

Understanding your options is an essential first step – and our experience in international property settlements means we can quickly provide you with easy-to-understand advice. Our relationships with overseas law firms, and our alliances with the International Academy of Family Lawyers and TerraLex, mean we're well placed to find a solution for your unique circumstances.

Spousal maintenance

It may be possible to enforce spousal maintenance obligations even if you and your partner live in different countries, but it's important to seek advice prior to beginning negotiations. Our international family law specialists can determine whether your maintenance arrangements are likely to be recognised in Australia or overseas. We'll also provide comprehensive, straightforward advice on your options for enforcing maintenance arrangements in other countries.

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