Property and financial matters

Dividing property between separating couples can be complex. Our family lawyers provide holistic advice and support that will help you understand the process and begin planning your future.

As well as being one of Australia's largest family law practices, we're also a leading commercial law firm. We have considerable in-house expertise to advise clients with complex financial arrangements, as well as those whose affairs are more straightforward. Where necessary, we can connect you with an experienced accountant or financial planner to support you through the process.

Our online systems allow you to get started anywhere, any time. By clicking the 'online enquiry' button below, we can give you tailored family law information that's free, instant, personalised and helpful. We’ll put you in touch with a lawyer best suited to your needs. Alternatively, please contact our Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane offices to speak to a family law specialist.

Property settlements

Property settlements involve dividing real estate, shareholdings, businesses, vehicles and other assets. More complex settlements may involve corporate entities and family trusts. Where possible, we seek a negotiated solution to avoid the additional cost and stress associated with court proceedings. Child support, spousal maintenance and superannuation may be included in the overall financial settlement.

Spousal maintenance

Following a separation, one member of the couple may need to financially support the other for a defined period. This is called spousal maintenance, and it's a highly technical field of family law. A range of factors are considered when determining the amount and duration of spousal maintenance.

We assist individuals seeking spousal maintenance, as well as those opposing an order of spousal maintenance. Our experience in this area of law means we can provide you with guidance on what level of maintenance (if any) would be reasonable in your circumstances.

Child support

Parents have a legal obligation to financially support their children. In most cases, this duty continues until the child turns 18.

This area of family law is constantly evolving. We provide specialist advice to help separated parents achieve positive outcomes for themselves and their children.

Our expertise includes:

  • negotiating and drafting private child support agreements
  • liaising with government agencies that are responsible for the collection of child support
  • advice on the child support assessment processes
  • representation during court proceedings


Superannuation is usually considered an asset, like real estate and vehicles during property settlements. Our team of experienced family and relationship lawyers can:

  • advise on the advantages and disadvantages of splitting your superannuation or receiving an entitlement
  • liaise with the trustees of your superannuation fund
  • draft court orders and agreements relating to a superannuation split
  • address issues arising from self-managed superannuation funds

Taxation considerations

The way assets are divided can have significant tax implications, particularly when structures like family trusts, companies and self-managed superannuation funds are involved. This adds a layer of complexity and should be carefully considered when structuring a property settlement.

Our family lawyers specialise in complex property and financial matters and work with skilled financial advisors to minimise exposure to unnecessary tax.

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