Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie Taylor
Stephanie Taylor

Stephanie is a personal injuries specialist, with multiple defendants' expertise. Acting on behalf of insurers in proceedings before the Magistrates' Court, County Court, Supreme Court and Court of Appeal has enriched her litigation experience.

She is recognised as a robust negotiator with astute technical skills.


Stephanie is an accredited personal injury specialist with particular interest in work related injuries. Her dynamic practise has seen her provide advice in statutory benefits, serious injury and common law matters.

Stephanie is a leading advisor to many self-insured organisations including a number of councils and those in retail industries.

Her ability to provide pragmatic and strategic advice is well regarded by her clients. She is recognised as a formidable opponent in highly complex matters.

Stephanie also enjoys working with her clients to develop their knowledge-management skills through informative publications. Her collaborative and sophisticated approach to claims management increases clients’ understanding about key issues and cases in the personal injury jurisdiction.