Australian business leaders in support of mandatory vaccination

Viles of COVID-19 vaccine.

Survey reveals 77% of business leaders support mandatory vaccination in the workplace

Lander & Rogers this week hosted more than 650 business leaders from across the country to discuss the legalities of mandatory vaccination in the workplace.

Hosted by Amie Frydenberg, a partner in Lander & Rogers' Workplace Relations & Safety practice, the virtual Q&A session explored a range of issues impacting Australian businesses.

During the session, Ms Frydenberg acknowledged that the situation was evolving rapidly, with ongoing developments in the law regarding mandatory vaccination and rapid antigen testing for employees. "As of Monday, the law has changed with New South Wales mandating vaccinations for employees who work outside of their local LGA hotspot."

According to Ms Frydenberg, "this is creating uncertainty and complexity for businesses of all sizes as they attempt to navigate the escalating pandemic."

During the session, the Q&A panel of legal experts, which included Workplace Relations & Safety partners Vince Rogers and Emma Purdue, explored the debate regarding the necessity of a mandatory vaccination policy to discharge an employer's health and safety obligations - a topic on the minds of many business operators across the country.

The panel also discussed the circumstances in which it was lawful and reasonable for an employer to direct an employee to be vaccinated; and whether there are privacy issues associated with requesting an employee to disclose their vaccination status.

When surveyed about their views on mandatory vaccinations for workers, 77% of respondents agreed that vaccination should be mandated. For those attendees based in Victoria, the response was even higher at 79%, reflecting the sentiment of Victorian business leaders and workers.

In attendance at the packed event were legal counsel, senior executives and HR professionals from a cross section of businesses, namely those in service-based industries including professional and financial services, health and emergency services, real estate and insurance, as well as government.

To access a recording of the session, please click below. We look forward to bringing you new perspectives and insights on this complex issue as it evolves.

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