Insolvency and restructuring

Thousands of companies become insolvent each year due to a range of factors that can lead to trading issues. In fact, it is estimated that almost 5,000 companies became insolvent in Australia in FY22.

Insolvency and restructuring can be complex, involving stringent regulatory considerations, competing stakeholder interests, and often operational and financial impacts.

Navigating complexity

If you are experiencing trading difficulties, access leading advice from insolvency lawyers who understand the complexities associated with your unique situation, and who can provide strategic, realistic, and practical advice that aligns actions with your commercial objectives.

We work with you to navigate and sensitively manage critical stakeholder relationships important to preserving enterprise value, while managing exposure and minimising credit risk in complex circumstances.

Learn more below about insolvency and restructuring, and how Lander & Rogers can assist you and your business.

Corporate financial distress and insolvency

Economic headwinds, unexpected downturns, personal trauma, or cash flow issues are dynamic events that can trigger or heighten the risk of insolvency for businesses.

While they can disrupt the working capital available to your business, trading issues and insolvency indicators like these are accumulative and typically occur over time, which means they are often identifiable and can be remedied.

Engaging a specialised insolvency lawyer at the onset of events widens the options available to address your business' financial challenges, helping you to navigate with greater confidence and certainty.

Lander & Rogers' specialist lawyers provide strategic insolvency advice to help you preserve enterprise value and provide support when your business is at risk of insolvent trading.

Engage Lander & Rogers' insolvency law experts for greater confidence and support to navigate the challenges of financial distress and insolvency, and to work with you to develop a solution that aligns with your strategic objectives. Leverage our extensive experience working with insolvency professionals, directors, distressed companies, and creditors, including employees, suppliers, financial institutions, and private lenders.

Personal financial distress and bankruptcy

A business failure, excessive access to credit, a relationship breakdown, personal trauma, or an addiction are all factors that can lead to personal financial distress and a need to find an urgent solution via bankruptcy or the available alternatives to bankruptcy.

Lander & Rogers' insolvency law experts provide early direction and assistance to help you navigate these difficult and distressing times. Our specialist lawyers provide an analysis of your situation and explore the options available to you, introducing you to insolvency professionals for further guidance and managing your dealings with affected stakeholders.

Restructuring, business turnarounds and corporate workouts

A business turnaround strategy helps viable but struggling businesses and those in distress to return to solvency and improve financial performance by unlocking profit and growth.

When partnering with an insolvency lawyer, seek an advisor that can deliver a dynamic solution to your unique problem ─ a solution that incorporates investigation and analysis of the key issues, crisis management support, exploration of all viable options, and the development and implementation of an action plan.

With demonstrated experience in restructuring projects, Lander & Rogers' specialised insolvency lawyers simplify the complex and provide clear, commercial, and practical advice upon which your business can act.

Insolvency FAQs

Business insolvency and restructuring can be complex to navigate. Learn more about the process and the most frequently asked questions.

Your experienced team

Engage a legal team experienced in working with liquidators, administrators, receivers, and bankruptcy trustees, and with a proven track record advising creditors, directors, shareholders and business owners on their rights and responsibilities when a business experiences unexpected cash flow and trading issues.

Working with you, Lander & Rogers' specialised insolvency lawyers will develop unique solutions that leverage legal and commercial expertise to deliver effective results fast.

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