ESG litigation and regulatory investigations

Businesses face growing societal and regulatory pressure to adopt more responsible business practices, with ESG frameworks becoming a focal point of scrutiny, accountability, and legal implications.

Partner with us to navigate the complexities of ESG litigation and regulatory investigations. Our dedicated services equip businesses to address potential challenges proactively, ensuring compliance and safeguarding reputation.

Services include advice on:

  • regulatory investigations and complaints
  • greenwashing and regulatory compliance
  • stakeholder claims
  • parent company liability
  • insurance claims.

Your experienced team

In the evolving landscape of ESG, governance stands as the pillar of responsible decision-making, compliance, and stakeholder trust. As challenges rise, so do opportunities.

At Lander & Rogers, we combine deep regulatory insights with a commitment to responsible business practices, ensuring our clients not only navigate challenges but also pioneer ESG excellence.

Contact us today to discover how we can assist you and your business to fortify your governance against the challenges of today and tomorrow.