Intellectual property

A business's intellectual property (IP) can be one of its most precious assets.

In recent years, digitisation, emerging technologies and globalisation have raised new risks and opportunities for those seeking to protect and monetise their IP. We're a team of commercially focused intellectual property lawyers who specialise in supporting businesses to meet these challenges.

IP commercialisation and protection

Our lawyers have helped commercialise IP in industries ranging from IT and telecommunications, to health, property and energy. We collaborate with clients on cost-effective strategies that focus resources on what's worth protecting, including the following:

  • commercialisation and protection strategies
  • identifying and cataloguing protectable assets
  • franchising agreements
  • confidentiality agreements
  • IP transfers
  • licensing agreements (Australian and international)


Copyright law protects a broad range of subject matter including computer programs, online content, broadcasts and recordings. We regularly advise and represent businesses and individuals who need support in relation to complex copyright matters including the following:

  • strategies to identify and protect copyright assets
  • assignment and licensing
  • advice on copyright infringements
  • disputes and litigation

Patents and designs

Our IP lawyers have assisted clients with the commercialisation and protection of patent and design rights across a range of emerging and established industries. We work with a network of highly qualified Australian and international patent attorneys to provide advice to clients on patent strategies, availability and filings including the following:

  • commercial agreements
  • licencing arrangements
  • assignments
  • infringements and litigation

Branding and trademarks

A well-crafted brand is one of the most important assets a business can have. Our trademark lawyers provide guidance on using the law to shield this asset. We specialise in brand-defence strategies and represent clients who need to prosecute or defend a possible trademark infringement including the following:

  • brand protection strategy
  • trademark registration
  • trademark infringements and litigation

IP infringements

IP is a complex and highly specialised area of the law. Decades of experience inform our IP lawyers' advice on infringements, protection rights and defence strategies. We provide comprehensive, cost-effective representation for businesses and individuals involved in potential intellectual property infringements.

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