Sport and leisure

We're proud to work with some of the largest and most recognisable sport and leisure organisations in Australia.

Our sports lawyers are approachable experts who understand the commercial and legal realities facing today's administrators and operators. We provide advice that's clear, practical and comprehensive.

We're a team with 20 years of industry experience across sports contracting, governance, regulation, integrity, employment, trademarks and branding. We regularly advise governing bodies, sporting leagues, racing clubs, teams, venues, major event operators and governments.

Staff and athlete engagement

We thoroughly understand the industry and its people. Our lawyers routinely work with sport and leisure organisations and have extensive experience engaging both staff and athletes in relation to individual or collective bargaining agreements. We provide an end-to-end engagement service, encompassing contracts, bargaining strategy, advice on restructures and conditions of employment.

Disciplinary tribunals, selection disputes, member protection

Disputes and disciplinary proceedings can be complex and emotionally charged. As sports lawyers, our expertise is grounded in years of experience designing disciplinary processes. We provide sporting organisations with close support during complex disputes and tribunal hearings.

Our knowledge of disputes informs our work developing policies and national frameworks. We appreciate the importance of processes that are equitable and responsive, yet robust enough to withstand challenge.

We've worked with sporting bodies at national, state, regional and club levels. Our advice and insights are well researched and comprehensive, but always explained simply.

Sports governance

Professionalisation, commercialisation and the prioritisation of integrity have led to a heightened focus on good corporate governance. Many sport and leisure bodies are established under a federated or member-based model and this can create complex challenges. Whether you're a club, governing body or government entity, we'll help you navigate the challenges and establish simple yet effective structures that meet modern demands.

Sports disputes, anti-doping and Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)

Achieving resolution in sports disputes requires careful navigation of complex contractual and jurisdictional issues. Advice from an experienced legal team is crucial to achieving your preferred outcome.

We have extensive experience advising on anti-doping, selection and eligibility disputes at a national and international level. Our sports lawyers have represented organisations appearing before the CAS and we know the processes intimately. Our team understands the contractual nature of sports litigation, and we take care to explain processes and issues with clarity and compassion.

The National Sports Tribunal (NST) provides a new avenue for resolving sporting disputes. Having been at the forefront of discussions and consultation regarding its establishment, we're well placed to help with all NST-related matters.

Our team can assist with the design and implementation of a strong, reliable dispute framework, together with the rules and policies that underpin it.

Sports integrity

We regularly assist a range of sporting bodies to respond to emerging issues, which means our knowledge of compliance and integrity requirements remains current. We're perfectly positioned to help sporting organisations navigate complex regulatory environments and implement effective preventative frameworks.

Our sports lawyers have extensive knowledge of integrity matters including the following:

  • anti-doping
  • match-fixing and manipulation
  • child safety and the protection of children
  • member protection issues

Competition and league structures

A rapidly changing media landscape, and increasing competition from other kinds of entertainment, means sporting organisations must adapt to survive. We provide specialist legal and commercial advice on how to thrive, including the following:

  • reviews of structures, competition formats and rules
  • commercialisation and intellectual property advice
  • advice on digital media and disruption
  • legal structures for promoting revenue growth

Sports contracting and contract negotiations

We've acted for countless clients with multimillion-dollar sponsorship and commercial agreements. Our team understands how to manage risk, while leveraging commercial opportunities in sponsorship, merchandising, licensing, venue hire and other commercial deals. We will help ensure your sports contract negotiations meet deadlines and achieve commercial outcomes.

Risk management

We've advised organisers of world championships, funding partners of major events, and peak sporting bodies over many years. This means our sports lawyers have superior knowledge and experience on risk management within the industry. Our team can help you maintain viable operating environments, while protecting against integrity risks and other threats.