Chloe Rattray

Chloe Rattray Profile Photo
Chloe Rattray Profile Photo

Chloe is a committed family lawyer who believes that each client is unique and has their own set of circumstances which require careful consideration. Chloe provides her clients with a high level of care and prides herself on achieving the best outcome for them during what can be a very difficult time.

When working with Chloe, you can expect firm but thoughtful advice and to receive communications in a prompt and timely manner. Where possible, Chloe aims to avoid litigation and you will experience her strong client focus as she works toward reaching an early and amicable settlement.

Chloe has been working in family law for eight years. She was recognised in the 2023 edition of Best Lawyers as a lawyer who is "One to Watch in Australia" and as the winner of the 2017 Lawyers Weekly 30 Under 30 awards for Family Law.


Chloe represents clients based in Australia and overseas. Chloe has extensive experience in:

  • complex property matters, from nominal asset pools to those exceeding $100,000,000 and dealing with trust and corporate entity, estate, valuation and tax considerations
  • disputes relating to which forum, Australia or an overseas country, is the appropriate location for litigation to occur
  • litigation listed in the Family Court of Western Australia (distinct from the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia)
  • the preparation and review of financial agreements and child support agreements, including pre-nuptial style agreements as a form of asset planning
  • parenting matters involving parental alienation, domestic and international child abductions, allegations of abuse and violence and relocations
  • recovery orders which have resulted in the Australian Federal Police collecting children and returning them to her clients.

Career highlights

Chloe's experience includes:

  • successfully obtaining a recovery order from the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia which enabled the Australian Federal Police to collect the child from one parent and return the child to her client
  • obtaining orders for no-contact between the other parent and a child due to significant drug and substance abuse issues, family violence and child abductions
  • successfully challenging business valuations to ensure the correct value was adopted by the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia and therefore a more appropriate property settlement outcome for her client.

Client feedback

What Chloe's clients say:

"I've been very fortunate to have Chloe as my representation for my custody and financial separation matters. Chloe has provided firm, sensible and realistic advice which has helped me navigate an extremely unfamiliar and difficult time in my personal life. Chloe's approach and recommendations differed greatly from my previous legal team, and I am very glad I made the switch because everything has worked out extremely well. Ultimately, Chloe has put me on a path towards a brilliant outcome for me, my family and my future to which I am extremely grateful for."

"During what has been an incredibly stressful time, Chloe and her team have been extremely professional, empathetic, responsive and supportive to me and my daughter. My situation became complex when the IVO matter arose, and soon after my Family Court matter was moved to the Evatt List. Chloe is highly knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to family law matters and has been strategic in her approach. Chloe has brought the best of Lander & Rogers to my matter and also relevant specialist Barristers at the right time to support my complex case. I cannot recommend Chloe highly enough and I am grateful to be represented by her."

"I recently went through a difficult and complicated separation with my husband. Chloe was able to finalise my matter efficiently and promptly whilst making sure that every detail was covered. She was very professional whilst also being empathetic to what I was going through. Chloe's approach and sincerity is what gave me comfort knowing I could get through what had to be done. My outcome was financially better than I ever expected."

"Chloe combines a highly empathic sense of her client's needs with a meticulous approach towards all aspects of case management over a protracted period of time. I was particularly impressed with her written documentation which helped to frame a compelling narrative and manoeuvre a very delicate situation in an ultimately positive direction. Chloe's advocacy skills, temperament and sound advice in family law offer a comprehensive package and I would unreservedly recommend her to any future client."

"In what has been a very challenging time, Chloe has expertly provided advice and assistance. She has understood a complex and nuanced situation involving a psychiatrically unwell party whom has been reluctant to engage. Chloe is personable, wickedly intelligent and reassuring. As such, I have left every conversation with trust that Chloe and her team understand my situation and provide the best advice for me and my young children. If in the unfortunate situation of requiring a family lawyer, I could not recommend Chloe enough."


What approach do you adopt when advising clients?

Chloe is upfront and honest about the likely outcome of a matter. She believes this approach will ensure a matter resolves in the quickest manner possible. Chloe also consistently reviews the cost of continuing down a particular path against the likely financial gain for her client.

How do you resolve most of your matters?

Most of Chloe's matters settle at private mediation without the need for litigation to be instigated.

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