Technology and digital

Harnessing the power of information and communications technology is now essential for successful private and public sector enterprises. We specialise in helping organisations procure and implement technology solutions, including cloud-based services.

Our team also assists developers and suppliers for new digital products. We provide comprehensive and easy-to-understand legal advice on infrastructure developments, go-to-market strategies, supply contracts and end-user documentation.

Technology expertise

Our lawyers have deep technical knowledge and industry experience. We work seamlessly with IT experts and entrepreneurs, providing the legal support needed to cost-effectively integrate new systems and bring emerging technologies to market.

We work across a range of sectors, including:

  • energy
  • retail
  • telecommunications and digital media
  • financial services

Digital business

Integrating and implementing emerging technologies can have a range of legal and regulatory implications.

Lander & Rogers is a full-service commercial firm that provides comprehensive advice and support to startups and established businesses. We've helped countless enterprises turn digital products and services into commercial successes.

Our experience includes:

  • Australian and international regulations
  • intellectual property
  • financial services law
  • investor strategies
  • debt and risk
  • business structures
  • corporate governance
  • commercial contracts

ICT procurement

Our technology law team provides support throughout the procurement lifecycle. We give comprehensive advice on procurement design and contracting models, as well as legal support during negotiations and implementation. Our knowledge is grounded in extensive work for both buyers and sellers of ICT products, services and infrastructure.

Our experience includes:

  • procurement processes
  • contracts and transactions
  • disputes and litigation
  • government and private sector

Technology infrastructure projects

We have vast experience advising on large technology infrastructure projects like data centres, automated distribution centres and communications networks. Our lawyers have deep knowledge of technology supply contracts, telecommunications regulation, real estate and construction.

Our experience includes:

  • supply and install contracts
  • acquisition and leasing of land
  • construction and interface agreements
  • regulatory advice


The proliferation of cybersecurity threats over the past decade means this is a rapidly evolving area of the law. Our team of experienced technical and legal experts is perfectly positioned to provide support in all aspects of cybersecurity law.

Our experience includes:

  • risk mitigation
  • regulations and standards
  • compliance strategies
  • cyber insurance
  • breaches and litigation

Data and privacy

Data is an invaluable commodity that is increasingly regulated by governments seeking to protect citizens from its misuse. The borderless nature of the internet means providers of online services must comply with privacy regimes in other parts of the world, in particular the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our services range from legal advice and representation, to training and capacity building.

Our experience includes:

  • privacy protocols
  • data capture, storage and disposal
  • consents and disclosures
  • mandatory breach notifications
  • training materials and templates
  • local and international regulations

Digital media

Emerging digital technologies give rise to challenging and often untested legal issues and a reactive regulatory environment. These issues touch every sector and company via websites, YouTube channels, Facebook pages, Instagram and TikTok accounts, for marketing purposes to untapped commercialisation opportunities. We help clients create the legal and business architecture to bring to market new forms of digital content production, distribution, engagement, consumption and marketing strategies relevant to our clients' businesses. We help design strategies and lead negotiations on all aspects of transactions involving both legacy and emerging technologies.

Our experience includes:

  • procurement of media buying services
  • digital media production and distribution deals in the movie, television, music and publishing industries
  • licensing deals for distribution of digital media
  • clearance of digital content for marketing and regulatory compliance
  • social media advisory

Blockchain and digital assets

We're one of the few Australian firms with real blockchain expertise. Our technology lawyers advise emerging and established businesses seeking to integrate this distributed ledger technology in new and existing processes and products.

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Lander & Rogers is a committed supporter of positive technological disruption. We maintain deep connections within the Australian startup ecosystem and routinely provide advice to tech entrepreneurs. In 2019 we launched the award-winning LawTech Hub, an incubator where lawyers and technology innovators collaborate. The LawTech Hub seeks to strengthen the bridge between the startup and legal sectors.

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